About Us

Who is KCCG?

Kuwaiti Canadian Consulting Group (KCCG) is a middle-east based consultancy company that is cybersecurity-focused. The KCCG are resellers of best-in-class, market-leading cybersecurity solutions that protect the complete attack surface by leveraging AI and machine learning. By doing so, KCCG can assist IT Security Teams at companies and government customers in:

  • Fortifying breach detection
  • Remediating & thwarting security attacks while addressing regulatory compliance
  • Accelerating incident response
  • Availing KCCG's industry-leading cybersecurity services and technical support

A Brief History

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Why choose KCCG?

KCCG has gained unrivaled experience by working with global corporations. This ensures KCCG’s advantage when selecting and supporting software and products from worldwide partners. KCCG also provides innovative project development and management while employing standard methodologies. This helps build tailored solutions for all customer requests.

The company is also the first in Kuwait to have been certified the CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional. KCCG Engineers guarantee cutting-edge experience in networking, the Internet, operating systems, and security systems. In addition, security architectures of varying complexity are set up for the distinctive demands.

Why choose KCCG